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Details of the services our workers compensation insurance agents provide.

Workers Insurance agents offer services to both employers and workers.

services to employers

  • issuing policies and Certificates of Currency
  • determining premiums (including assessing and calculating premiums, issuing premium demands and adjusting premiums)
  • assessing compliance (including conducting audits and advising icare workers insurance of non-compliance)
  • collecting premiums and premium-related debts
  • providing employers with strategies to reduce their premiums.

services to workers

  • assisting in identifying what benefits a worker may be entitled to
  • supporting the injured worker in their recovery and return to work or recovery at work plan and process
  • reviewing workplace injury notifications
  • assigning a case manager who is responsible for the worker's compensation claim services
  • managing third-party service providers (for example rehabilitation providers) and ensuring payment of appropriate benefits
  • conducting work capacity assessments.

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