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workers compensation changes: information for employers

Find out how the 2015 reforms will make a difference for your business.

In 2015 the NSW Government introduced changes to the NSW workers compensation scheme. The reforms are focused on assisting injured workers to return to work, and on returning the scheme to financial sustainability without increasing employer premiums.

Evidence shows that getting injured workers back to work early is an important part of their recovery. As well as reducing the impact of an injury on your worker and their family, early, safe and durable return to work:

  • gets your skilled and experienced workers back in the workplace – benefiting your business
  • can lower your particular premium costs, if you are a medium or large business
  • reduces the likelihood of large, scheme-wide increases to premiums to address the financial deficit.

The reforms provide incentive for injured workers to return to work. They also reinforce your obligations as an employer to help them do that – including providing suitable employment for them if they have some capacity to work.

For more information about the reforms visit or contact the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) on 13 10 50.