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making a claim

Information on the responsibilities and processes for making a claim for workers compensation.

If you have suffered a work-related injury you can contact your insurer or our Customer Support Service on 13 44 22.

Below is some information about the obligations of employers, insurers and workers in relation to the types of claims an injured worker may make.

Important Note: New guidelines for claiming workers compensation came into effect on 1 August 2016, refer to injury claims for more information.

  • types of claims

    There are different types of claims a worker can make if they have been injured at work.

  • how to make a claim

    Let us help you understand the process for making a claim if you sustain an injury at work.

  • employers and claims

    An employer must follow certain procedures in the event of an accident at your workplace.

  • insurers and claims

    How an insurer can help the injured worker, and the claims process they must follow.