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register of injuries

As an employer you must keep a register to record all injuries suffered by workers, even if there has been no claim lodged for certain injuries.

If you're an employer (or other person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU)), you must keep a register of injuries to record workplace injuries or illnesses sustained by workers, even if there has not been a claim.

The register of injuries must include:

  • name of the injured worker
  • worker's address
  • worker's age at the time of injury
  • worker's occupation at the time of injury
  • industry in which the worker was engaged at the time of injury
  • time and date of injury
  • nature of the injury
  • cause of the injury.

You must keep the register of injuries in writing in a hard copy book or a electronically on a computer.  A record of each notifiable incident must also be kept.

If the register of injuries is kept in electronic form, you must provide education, training and facilities to ensure your workers are able to access the register.

If you're an employer, you can seek approval from your insurer or SIRA to use the register of injuries as notification of any workplace injury.

Although not required by the legislation, all employers and workers are encouraged to report and record 'near misses'.  A near miss should be considered as a warning sign and may indicate a potential problem that could result in serious injury.

There are penalties for failing to keep a register of injuries.

Download an injury register template and find out what to record on Safework's register of injuries.

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