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notifying and recording an incident or injury

You need to notify your insurer within 48 hours of becoming aware of an injury to a worker.

Along with notifying your insurer when a worker is injured, you are also required to:

  • provide first aid and make sure the worker gets the right care
  • record it in the register of injuries
  • help the worker recover at work by identifying and offering suitable employment, staying connected and planning with your worker, their doctor, and your insurer.

Problems reporting a workplace injury

If you are a worker and your employer has not notified your workplace injury to the insurer or will not provide you with their workers compensation insurance policy number, please contact our Customer Support Centre on 13 44 22.

Serious Incident Reporting

If there is a serious injury or illness, a death or a dangerous incident, it must be reported to SafeWork NSW as well on 13 10 50. As an urgent investigation may be needed. The incident site must be preserved until an Inspector attends (or the inspector or regulator directs otherwise).

Safe Work Australia's incident notification fact sheet provides more information about what constitutes a serious injury or illness or a dangerous incident.

Other incidents where workers compensation is payable

You must notify your insurer within 48 hours of becoming aware a worker has received a workplace injury if workers compensation is payable or may be payable (such as for time lost and/or medical expenses). You  may avoid paying a claims excess if there is an injury by notifying your insurer within 48 hours.

Further information

How to make a claim

There are a number of steps you have to take after an injury or incident if you are going to make a claim.

For more detailed information, see our making a claim section.

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